An example of successful outsourcing :

In the summer of 2006, SNECMA Propulsion Solide(SPS) asked OMEGA Systèmes to take overtheir composite cutting workshop on site.

After only three months of analysis and deployment, our teams were managing with total autonomyall of its production; having applied our expertise in terms of cutting quality, reduced waste, flow management and cold chain compliance.

Three years later, the partnership between our companies is very satisfactory, and all the players are happy with this choice.

Whether it concerns taking over a workshop, managing an existing line or setting up a new one, or even standard outsourcing, OMEGA Systèmes adapts itself to their customers’ requirements – both in France as well as abroad.

Testimonial of Régis Ferment, Business Manager at SPS:

« We are very satisfied with the cutting services provided by OMEGA Systèmes in our Bordeaux plant at all levels: recognized technical skill, quality and responsiveness. We have been working together now for three years and enjoy a perfect spirit of cooperation. »