Quality assurance at OMEGA SYSTEMES is not only the constant quest for zero defects, but also the respect for the environment.

fleche Certifications

OMEGA Systèmes implements a rigorous and demanding quality policy whose objective is zero defects. The traceability of finished parts is ensured by an integrated production management system that tracks materials from their initial reception to the final delivery slip. Moreover, OMEGA Systèmes is committed to continuously improving its performance by offering their customers products and services that are always increasingly more reliable. This enables us to meet all their requirements and guarantee their full satisfaction and exceed their expectations concerning:

  • the purchasing and procurement of materials,
  • storage conditions (cold and ambient),
  • the quality of cutting and altering materials,
  • product traceability,
  • delivery times,
  • waste management.

Our certifications :

  • ISO 9001 : 2008
  • EN 9100 : 2009
  • EN 9120 : 2009
  • ISO 14001.

fleche Environment-friendly approach

The respect for the environment is taken seriously at OMEGA Systèmes. The company constantly looks for ways to improve its performance in this field.

Improved production methods
Aware of the impact of manufacturing on the environment, OMEGA Systèmes continuously looks for ways to improve production methods so as to be more intelligent and more environment-friendly. Currently in their efforts to obtain ISO 14001 certification, their teams are actively working on how to better master environmental impacts and on current legislation.

Re-use of waste materials
OMEGA Systèmes gives particular attention to the re-use of waste materials and constantly monitors projects concerning the recycling of composite materials. Depending on the requirements imposed by the various fields, materials used in the aeronautics industry and notably composites, can find a second life and be used in other circuits having fewer restrictions. The goal is to reconcile economic performance with environmental safety on a long term basis. It is clear that this approach is part of the company’s global strategy and includes heightening the awareness and responsibility of all our employees and also those of our customers.