Water jet cutting

Among the twenty mastered technologies, Omega achieves the waterjet cutting. This solution has very few limits, it is possible to cut very hard materials such as metal, to flexible and soft materials, such as leather or foam, depending on the pressure setting. The cut materials may be in plate or rolls, and thickness of materials can range from very thin to very thick. The accuracy of the water jet will also help limit the burrs and therefore avoid rework the piece thereafter. One of the advantages of the waterjet is that there is no heating of the material and therefore does not alter the cutting materials such as composites.

The company works on nesting parts from customer data and optimizes the material consumption. The water jet also allows a cut in mono or multilayer.

As quality is a major concern at Omega, everything is made to ensure customer satisfaction. With a knowledge of more than 25 years, the company applies, for example, a specific system of control and water jet cutting for leather hides; Indeed, each skin leather is unique, it can be marked with iron or have traces of barbed wire. Omega can manage its constraints in order not to find those default on the final cut parts, which will for example be the foundation of seats or chairs armrests. Omega can also cut the leather roll on laser or with knife .

Therefore the water jet technology is a very versatile means and the cutting quality is optimal on all materials, soft and rigid. Many aeronautical foams are cut by water jet, as well as elastomers, seals and other rubbers. These parts are identified automatically to ensure traceability and are subsequently packed on kit to be shipped to our customers. Materials cut with water jet are: foam, carbon preform, alu-elastomer, mosite, leather, PVC, dibond, slate, polycarbonate, glass …

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