Roll sliting

Roll Sliting :

Roll sliting, spooling and winding means to cut in the width. The roll sliting allows, from a mother roll, to get several girls rolls of various widths, with a maximum weight of 200 kg. The roll sliting is done with knives. Sectors such as automotive and medical use regularly coils slited, in the manufacture of their parts.

Examples: sliting of glass fabrics rolls, adhesive film 140μ, 500μ film, dry fabrics, carbon epoxy, phenolic carbon, cork, technical textiles.


slit omega
The slit tape is a specific form of roll sliting into very precise dimensions 6.35 mm (1/4 inch), 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) and others, and with very small tolerances (0.125mm). Fine strands produced are also re-wound in two techniques, either of the right spooling, either traverse winding. Produced coils, also called spool, are used in particular by AFP robots for automatic fiber placement.
Our slitting machine, is versatile and can slit thermoplastic sheets, thermoset, dry fabrics but also other industrial materials, paper, cardboard, plastic films …

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