Other techniques

Omega is a service company, subcontractor, whose mission is to assist its clients in all stages before manufacturing parts. Omega therefore offers a wide range of services and technical solutions around his core business. We study your specifications and offer a service adapted, in collaboration with your teams.

fleche Sticking: The company can take care of parts gluing, foams … by directly supplying glues or using those provided by customers (neoprene, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, etc ….).

fleche Draping: Specially adapted to composite parts and pre-impregnated fabrics, Omega makes layup (superposition of several plies). Omega commonly makes flat draping and pyramid draping. We can also complex the raw materials; for example, adhesive film + aramid.

fleche Oven: Omega therefore has a small oven to make preforms according to customer demand, maximum 180 °, equipped with 16 thermocouples and vacuum outlets. Depending on the case, the preform parts can be cut by water jet . The aim is to save time for our customers, helping them in their composite parts manufacturing cycle before autoclaving.

flecheDigitalization: All of our cutting machines are controlled by computer, so we work with digital DXF, DWG (…) but we can also digitize your pieces. That is to say we create a data file from your templates and patterns, which can be made from cardboard, paper, wood, textiles …

flecheChamfer: the company developed tools for chamfering materials, that is to say by applying a cutting angle on the part contours.

flecheStitching / Sewing: regarding to lean manufacturing and optimization at all levels, the company realizes the specific stitching of composite materials (mainly phenolic carbon) and consumable fabrics. We also work on R & D projects on this issue to sew composite materials and limit the fasteners.

flecheMachining : Omega can also cut shapes in 3 and 5 axis. This technology is perfectly well-adapted with the know-how of Omega, regarding the cutting of soft material. So, we can cut, do chamfer, drilling, trimming, for soft materials such as Nida, foam, etc…

Omega is there to help you in the purchase of raw materials, in storage, cutting and processing, kitting, delivery and management of waste.
The company also works a lot in R & D , on innovative solutions, on collaborative projects and is part of competitiveness clusters Aerospace Valley (Toulouse – Bordeaux) and EMC2 (Nantes).

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