Knife cutting

We usually talk about Knife cutting or Blade cutting.
Omega has different processes and tools, fixed knife, oscillating, rotating blade, ultrasound, in response to the plurality of existing materials. The company is able to cut across the materials but also in mid-flesh (stencil, densification mask, adhesive …). Knives technologies also allow to cut multi-layer and work on very thick mattresses. Thus, OMEGA cut several pieces at the same time to ensure the most economical return, as in the punch but with tooling constraints least!

Blade and knife cutting techniques offer a very wide variety of applications and therefore a large number of materials can be cut with these technologies. Materials can be in the form of a plate or roll.

Knife cutting concerns technical textiles, nonwovens, films, composites, pre-impregnated, pre-pregs, dry fabrics, thermoplastics, carbon, kevlar, aramid, glass fabric, tarpaulin, bleed, cotton, awning for boating, carpet, soft floor, flooring, leather … the consumable and bagging supplies for aerospace can also be cut with knives or laser according to the target.

Omega has knife cutting solutions in cleanroom and in classic industrial environment. All machines are controlled by computer. We can cut simple and complex shape and work on the material optimization and consumption. Everything is tailored to meet the needs of each client. The parts are cut-to-measure, we customize the kitting. Our machines are also equipped with inkjet for identification parts. Among the customers for whom the company achieves the delivery of cutting, there are aeronautics and space OEM, and their supply chain; but also SMEs from building area, the industrial medical community, boating …

Omega makes the cutting and has more than twenty different technologies. Discover our laser solutions, pure and abrasive water jet, slitting … Omega offers a global service offering, providing of the raw material, storage, cutting, kitting, delivery directly to work station, waste management … a customized offer!

Some pieces to be cut? Omega is the specialist, contact us!