Cutting Technologies

OMEGA Systemes offers various cutting solutions adapted to a variety of use cases. We use our expertise to serve numerous industries: aeronautics, space, defense, automotive, construction, wind, nautical, arts & crafts, decoration, clothing, and leather. Whatever your field is, OMEGA Systemes will examine your needs and never stop innovating in order to always best meet your requirements.

Omega owns more than 20 cutting technologies to fit with all kind of material, flexible, semi-rigid materials and composites. Somes of our means are located in clean room, to meet the highest standards.

Our cutting solution:

In addition to cutting, Omega can also provide and buy raw materials, storage materials in ambiant or cold -18°C environment, do the kitting, delivery on work station and manage waste.
We have currently 2 plants, in Nantes and Bordeaux, and we work with both France and abroad. The plurality of our solutions allows us to meet both the very small series (unique) to very large volumes (several thousand pieces).

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