For over 25 years OMEGA Systèmes has specialized in the cutting of flexible and semi-rigid materials; first for the textile industry, then notably for the automobile and aeronautic industries. Family-run and independent, the company is a recognized partner in its line of business; their expertise and “advisory” approach are particularly appreciated by their customers.

Fleche date 1987 : Creation of the company

  • Fields of specialization: Cutting of fabrics for the textile and clothing industries.

Fleche date 1995 : Adaptation of our cutting expertise to technical fabrics, flexible and composite materials

  • Diversification towards the automobile and aeronautic industries.

Fleche date 2005 Creation of the Omega Systemes Group with their two subsidiaries for each field of business.

  • OMEGA INDUSTRIES– St Philbert/Nantes (44).
    Field: Cutting of fabrics, leather, foams and flexible materials.
    Targeted industries: Automobile, construction, decoration, arts & crafts, medical, nautical, wind, etc.
  • OMEGA DMS– St Philbert/Nantes (44) and Le Haillan/Bordeaux (33).
    Field: Cutting of composites, vacuum consumables, processing fabrics, curing consumables and technical fabrics.
    Targeted industries: Aeronautics, space, and military.

Fleche date 2011 New strategy of the Omega Systemes Group towards a region-oriented development.

  • Creation of OMEGA SYSTEMES ATLANTIQUE = Merging of Nantes fields of business.
  • Creation of OMEGA SYSTEMES AQUITAINE in Bordeaux.
    A field of business common to both subsidiaries: Cutting of textiles, flexible and semi-rigid materials, and composite materials. .

Today OMEGA Systèmes is a partner recognized by major contractors, leading equipment manufacturers, numerous small- and medium-sized companies and administrations as regards to all upstream production phases.

Pucefleche Our strongpoints

  • Diversity of the materials with which we work, our experience in cutting materials in all its forms,
  • The responsiveness of our teams,
  • The accuracy of the processes used.

Pucefleche A global range of services

  • Purchasing and procurement of raw materials
  • Management of production flow and the quality of materials
  • Storage of materials at -20°C or at room temperature
  • Management of use-by dates for perishable materials
  • Cutting and processing
  • Delivery of kits
  • Waste management.