Corporate philosophy

flecheTechnical support, innovation, respect for all players

A true service company, our goal is to closely follow our customers’ production runs. Our mission is to generate new ideas and provide creative, global solutions adapted to the needs of our customers by using state-of-the-art technologies for cutting as well as associated services.

The philosophy of the OMEGA Systèmes group takes into account all the players revolving around the company. The company’s growth depends on taking into consideration each of these players; it’s through the development and satisfaction of each one of them that the company can grow.

flecheA strategy built with meaning

The symbolic meaning of the tree was selected to represent our corporate philosophy.

fleche Leaves > People.
The wealth and success of the company depend on the development of each person’s skills.

fleche Fruits > Delivered goods.
They are result of our work and convey the company’s image.

fleche Small branches >Processes.
The quality of the organization for an optimized operation.

fleche Large branches > Know-how, craftsmanship.

fleche Trunk > The core business, the perfect mastery of the professional know-how.

fleche Roots > Creativity and R&D.

fleche Ground > Customers and Suppliers
These elements provide the tree with the necessary resources to grow and become stronger