Each request is subject to a customized study that can be more or less rapid or exhaustive depending on the project. We can take care of all or part of the upstream phases of your production in order to save you time, space, etc.

fleche STEP 1: Requirement analysis

During our first exchanges, we will define together the points that are important to you: responsiveness, required cutting technique, expected level of quality, productivity (small, medium or large runs), economic factors, kitting mode and delivery… Once these first elements are defined, the sales department will continue to study the request in synergy with the Methods department.

fleche STEP 2: Carry out our cutting tests

A fixed team is built around your project and includes a salesperson, a methods technician, a quality technician as well as someone from production to ensure that all of your project’s parameters are taken into account. Once the plans, templates or samples of your products are received, we will carry out various tests using different cutting technologies to identify which ones are best adapted to your requirements. Certain materials can only be cut using a single technique; others can be worked on in various ways with different results depending on the selected type of cutting technique.

fleche STEP 3: Acceptance tests

The tests carried out will be then sent to you in order to discuss together the obtained results, and confirm the quality and selected cutting technique.

fleche STEP 4: Draw up a price estimate

We will then send you a customized detailed estimate that covers all the points listed above in regards to your project.

fleche STEP 5: Purchase order

As soon as the price estimate is signed or having received your order, we launch the production orders. Your order is verified and validated internally (compliance with references, deadlines, rates, etc.) with the scheduling and sales departments.

fleche STEP 6: Reception/purchasing of materials

Depending on the selected solution, we will receive your materials directly sent by your supplier or warehouses, or we can take care of procuring them ourselves. Once the deliveries are received, they are verified and you will be notified of any deviations (quantities, different references, etc.). The products are then recorded, identified and stored in our facilities either at room temperature or in cold storage at -20°C for composite materials.

fleche STEP 7: Cutting your products

For medium- and large-size runs, as soon as your products are launched we carry out a qualification phase and verify the quality of the cut parts (FAI / EI). The reports associated with this quality approach will then be forwarded to you.The parts are then cut in full production using the technique previously selected during the test phase.
All operations involving the use of pre-impregnated materials are tracked (monitoring of material expiration times, thawing times, etc.).

fleche STEP 8: Packaging and kitting

Parts can be identified according to your needs and packaged in the most practical way for you. Based on how they will be used, we can adapt the stacking order, type of packaging, number of parts included, etc.
Depending on your project, kitting can provide more or less added benefit; our goods can packaged in a very simple manner and use standard methods or use specific techniques using heat-sealed bags for composite materials for example.

fleche STEP 9: Delivery of cut goods

OMEGA Systèmes then ensures the delivery of the cut goods to the selected location: your factory, customer site and even directly to the assembly line. We use our own means of transportation or use qualified and proven shippers. Perishable materials such as carbon- or glass-fibre fabrics and prepreg materials are shipped special delivery with a temperature recorder or in a refrigerated container, according to your requirements.

fleche STEP 10: Project follow-up

The team originally put together at the start of your project will closely monitor it throughout the entire process. Someone from the team will always be available to answer any of your questions and we remain at your disposal to take into account any change in parts, modifications to plans, etc.