Master Plan

Providing global services for cutting needs


fleche Purchasing and procurement

OMEGA Systèmes has a qualified purchasing department that complies with requirements for the aeronautics industry.
OMEGA Systèmes is able to manage the purchasing and supply of materials for their customers directly from suppliers and manufacturers and ensure its traceability.

fleche Cold and ambient storage

OMEGA Systèmes has 4000 m³ of cold storage space to store perishable materials. Composites are thus managed by computer in function of their expiration dates and all movements are tracked. Other materials are stored, in rolls or in sheets, at room temperature in our warehouses.

fleche Cutting and processing

With more than 25 years’ experience in high precision cutting, OMEGA Systèmes has a total of 19 machines and masters all the latest technologies in industrial cutting: high-pressure water jet (3800 bar); laser; fixed, vibrating, oscillating and ultrasonic knives; and roll splitting. OMEGA Systèmes provides the cutting technology best adapted to your materials as well as your expectations in terms of cost-effectiveness,aesthetics and productivity. Each project is studied individually, with real machine trials to determine the best cutting technology to be used. Models, prototypes and pilot samples are systematically supplied to customers before full production. By adapting the best cutting technology in function of the characteristics of your material, OMEGA Systèmes guarantees the most efficient use of your materials, reduced costs, an increase in productivity, and less non-quality products.

fleche Customized kitting

If required, your formats will be cut and grouped together into kits hermetically sealed in plastic bags. The formats can be individually identified and organized according to your requirements. In order to always help optimize our customers’ productivity, we also develop and carry out specific packaging methods adapted for their use.

fleche Logistics

Logistics are part of the services provided by OMEGA Systèmes. Each set of customer specifications has its own customized and complete logistics program, centred on a lean manufacturing approach: procurement, traceability, custom packaging, ready-to-use kits, and delivery on site or even directly to the workstation. Moreover, our company has its own means of refrigeration and uses data recorders in order to manage deliveries requiring a temperature-controlled environment. Used to working with a just-in-time stock management approach, we deliver products 5 days a week and up to twice a day for certain customers.

fleche Waste management

The waste materials resulting from the cutting process and all upstream production phases are considerable, and to relieve our customers from having to manage them, OMEGA Systèmes takes care of handling all processed materials and their re-use and recycling.