Omega in Bordeaux

ADS Show, 28 et 29 september in Bordeaux

The cutting specialist Omega owns two plants, one in Nantes and one in Bordeaux. It is therefore natural that you will find your Omega interlocutors on the ADS Show in Merignac, 28 and 29 September. Indeed, as a subcontractor of aeronautics, space, defense, Omega Systems meets you to give you assistance in all your projects. Omega can thus support all stages before of the manufacture of parts and can provide kits ready to use. For you, Omega makes the purchase of raw materials (pre-impregnated, soft materials …), handles the storage of your products, applies the best cutting solution for your needs, and delivers the cutted parts in kits suitable for your use and production process. Actor recognized for over 25 years, Omega provides you with all traçability and discretion necessary for your project.

UAV Show, 12 et 13 octobre in Bordeaux

Accustomed with composite materials, Omega participates in the UAV Show in Bordeaux, 12 and 13 October. Indeed, the UAV sector is a growing industry with new technological challenges. So the drone manufacturers must produce ever more resistant machinery but also lighter to increase flight times and easier navigation. Also composite materials are a good solution to these problems. Omega therefore makes purchasing of carbon plate, ensures the cutting and provides all the elements you need to assemble your drone. Just focus on your core business and let us bring our expertise to the other activities !

Do not wait, contact us to discover our cuting solutions and supply of raw materials!